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Learn 4 Must-Have Elements of Effective Writing Instruction

... so that you have plenty of time to cover all of the standards, leave quick and meaningful feedback, and actually get your students engaged in your writing period!

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Led by Caitlin Mitchell, Co-Founder & CEO of EB Academics, Co-Host of the Teaching Middle School ELA Podcast, Co-Author of the book The Empowered ELA Teacher, and Teacher of the Year Recipient.

In this FREE WORKSHOP you'll learn:

  • Our reliable activity to kick-start your writing unit that is sure to motivate your students in their learning from the get-go.

  • The magic of "Spiraling Your Writing Units," and how it can help you cover all of the standards - even if you have a 42-minute class period.

  • Our 4 proven pillars that actually work for helping your students master those tricky-to-teach writing standards.

  • Simple steps for finally being able to leave meaningful feedback in less than 5 minutes! (No, seriously.)

What EB Teachers have to say about this approach to teaching writing!

You're a Middle School ELA Teacher

who is ready to take your Writing Instruction to the next level and create engaging, rigorous lessons for your students.

You want to help your students master the writing standards

but you just aren't sure where to start when it comes to planning meaningful lessons for your writing classroom.

You're committed to growing 

your own understanding of teaching writing and building your confidence so that you can be the writing teacher you dream of being.

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Led by Caitlin & Jessica, founders of EB Academics, with 25 years of combined experience teaching middle school ELA.

This all started when we were both teaching ELA across the hall from one another at a school in L.A. One summer, we launched an ELA camp to help students get ahead for the summer, using the frameworks we’d developed for our own classrooms. It was a runaway success, and we realized that we wanted needed to share what we’d discovered with other teachers.

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Caitlin and Jessica

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